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Safety Game Management - 07/09/2021
Game Management and Site Administration

Each school should have in place procedures that would minimize problems relative to the administration of a game. Game officials should be contacted prior to game day with specific directions, parking information and who will meet them upon their arrival. Game officials should notify the host school about when they will arrive.

Home administration should inform the officiating crew where they will be located (changing-half time and after the game) with the procedures that the school will use to ensure the game officials receive the proper security to and from the field. It would be the home school’s responsibility to ensure the locker room is properly secured and only the game administration has access to this room.

The home administration has the responsibility for making sure that the sideline (outside of the team box) is properly secured and only the proper personnel would have access to the sideline.

Proper personnel, for risk reasons, would seem to include reporters, photographers and administration. All others should be located in the bleachers. Personnel that have a sideline pass should be at least "five" yards off the sideline and end line and restricted from commenting or berating officials.
Game officials have control over team box and coaches’ area, but game officials may request that home school administration take care of problems outside of the team box.

Clock Operators
The clock operator should be ready to start the game clock at least 30 minutes prior to the start of the contest. The officials will meet with the clock operator and cover the following:
• Accuracy
• Fairness
• Know that they are part of the “official team or crew”
• Respect all who are involved with the game

Announcers should be reminded by the game administration of the following:
• Exemplify good sportsmanship (use good taste)
• Inform only instead of doing a “play-by-play,” critiquing officials
• Be positive towards the visiting team as you are with your team
• Respect all who are involved with the game.

The game Referee has the authority to impose an "unsportsmanlike penalty" on the home team because of derogatory or negative comments made by game announcers and also has the authority to remove the announcer if they persist after the first
"unsportsmanlike penalty".

Each penalty of this nature is charged to the home teams "Head Coach". If two
“unsportsmanlike penalties” are assessed to the head coach then the head coach is ejected for the remainder of the game and the teams’ next game.

If you have any questions at any time regarding your game officials or the rules of the game, please contact one of the Board Members listed below
Questions about any of the above Topics should be address to:
Spencer Crum
President and
High School Football Officials Assignor
David Brown
Youth Football Officials Assignor
Randy Merian
Membership Chairman
Charlie Hayes
Instructional Chairman
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