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Safety Non-contact Unsportsmanlike Conduct by Non-Players - 08/06/2008

Below is a copy of NFHS Rule 9-8-1 (page 74) which pertains to Non-Contact Unsportsmanlike Conduct by both non-players (substitutes), coaches and other individuals (chain crew, ball boys, medical personal, newspaper reporters, etc.) who are on your teams sideline during your games. Unfortunately, a few of the schools (coaches) have broken part of this rule by using and extreme amount of profanity during their games.

The game of High School football must be played by the rules and the head coaches of each level (Varsity, JV and freshman) set the example for their players during both the game and practice sessions.

Please take whatever steps are necessary to correct any of the attached situations if they apply.

Rule 9-8-1

Art 1 - No coach, substitute, trainer or other team attendant shall act in an unsportsmanlike manner once the officials assume authority for the contest.

Examples are, but not limited to:
* Using profanity, insulting or vulgar language or gestures.
NOTE: The NFHS disapproves of any form of taunting which is intended or designed to embarrass, ridicule or demean others under any circumstances including on the basis of race, religion, gender or national origin.
* Attempting to influence a decision by an official.
* Disrespectfully addressing an official.
* Indicating objections to an official's decision.
* Using any illegal communication equipment as outlined in 1 -5-3b and 1-6.
* Holding an unauthorized conference.
NOTE: Between downs, communications between players and coaches near the sideline is not an unauthorized conference.
* The failure of a team to be ready to start either half.
* Failure of the head coach, following verification, to have his player(s) wear or use legal and/or required equipment.
* Being on the field except as a substitute or replaced player.
* Using tobacco or smokeless tobacco.
* Being outside the team box, but not on the field.
* A substitute who leaves the team box during a fight.

If you have any questions at any time regarding your game officials or the rules of the game, please contact Pete Dardis, (707) 762-9585, nboa@comcast.net.

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