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Safety Player Equipment-Rule 1-5 (pages 20-26) - 08/05/2008

Rule 1-5-1b: Tail bone protectors must be worn by each player at all times

Rule 1-5-1f: Football Shoes (cleats) removable or non-removable may not exceed ½ inch in length. Please review this rule and adhere to this rule during the entire season
NOTE: Many local sporting good stores are selling football shoes with the ¾ cleat and are also selling the ¾ inch cleat separately. This ¾ inch cleat is illegal in both high school and youth football regardless of weather or field conditions

Rule 1-5-1i: A tooth and mouth protector (unaltered) must be worn by each player at all times (unless to call signals) while in the game

Rule 1-5-3n Eyes shields if worn must be 100% clear (No exceptions). The NBOA has obtained a ruling from the CIF Rules Interpreter stating “There is no exception made to the 100% clarity provision of the visor rule (Rule 1-5-3n. and Case Book 1.5.3 Situation C.) A doctor’s note cannot supersede the rule, as well. An accommodation suggested by the NFHS is for the player to wear whatever corrective lenses are necessary under the 100% clear, molded and rigid shield, as long as they (the corrective lenses) can be removed without disturbing the helmet”.

Steve Stearns, CIF Rules Interpreter (Steve’s e-mail address is: sstearns@cifccs.org )

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